Friday, August 26, 2011

3 Echeverria's 2 Yuma

For those of you who haven't heard we have moved to Yuma, Colorado. It is 700 miles from Cedar City and 45 miles from Nebraska and Kansas. Miguel has a job teaching business at the high school here and we are excited to have a job and embark on a new adventure. Miguel is almost done with his first week of teaching business at Yuma High School, He is doing great. Vander and I have been here for almost a week and we are slowly adjusting. Today Vander and I rode our bikes around town (well technically I pulled him on my bike). Living in a rural community is different. Most stores are closed by 6 a few are open until 9, some are only open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Grocery's are expensive, and the closest Wal-Mart is an hour away. We are planing a trip to Wal-Mart for tomorrow and I am really excited (isn't that sad). The weather is pretty normal, it was crazy the first few nights there were lightning storms and I was afraid there would be a tornado, but there has not been a tornado in Yuma for a hundred years. It is a little more humid than Utah and just as hot. One of the first things we bought was a swamp cooler. Our new house is very nice it is much larger than I am used to and I need to get some furniture. I am going to hit up a few yard sales tomorrow and see if I can find some treasures. Well here is what you really want some pictures enjoy.
This is the park right by out house, So great to have a place Vander and I can walk to and play. I forgot to mention that we drove here in one day 13 hours in a U-Hal. Here is a picture of my dad and Vander when we first got on the road. The following picture was taken when we were almost to Yuma. Notice the difference.

This is main street, there is 3 restaurants, 2 thrift stores, 1 grocery store, a hardware store, and radio shack all with in walking distance of our house.
Here is the house we are renting
And here is some scenery

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  1. Lacy I didn't know you were moving. I was just thinking the other day that we needed to get together. Sorry this summer has flown by and we never got to play:( That's so exciting for you guys though. That's great Miguel got a job. Good luck with everything. OH and I have to tell you I looked at the title of your post and thought maybe you were announcing you were pregnant with twins or something. I thought Yuma was a new term for twins since you put 2 yuma. I kind of freaked out for a minute and then I realized I am an airhead. Anyway... keep in touch.