Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Trip to Denver and BIG Boy bed

So last Friday Miguel had a marketing teacher conference to attend in Denver so Vander and I tagged along. I took Vander to the ZOO while Miguel was in the conference and we had a blast, Vander loved every minute of it!! I think his favorite was the gorillas or the seal lions (which he called sharks). After the Zoo we picked Miguel up and headed for IKEA to get Vander a big boy bed since he is turning 2 soon. Vander loves his new bed.

It's nap time so there he is sleeping in his new bed
Looking up at the giraffe
Chillin in the wagon with his new zoo hat he pick out in the gift shop
(Vander is obsessed with hats right now)
Watching the Gorilla
I think his face says it all!!